1. What is an FFL ?
2. How do I arrange to have a local FFL handle my transfer ?
3. What is the average FFL transfer fee ?
4. Can you ship my firearm direct to me at my home or office ?
5. How do I know if I can legally purchase a firearm?
6. Why does my Customer information have to match?
7. How can I earn the advertised “Cash Discount Price” ?
8. I used my debit card to purchase online, why did I not get the “cash discount” ?
9. Why has my credit card been charged multiple times for only one order ?
10. I just bought a gun from you guys and now the advertised price is less than what I paid. What’s up ?
11. Why is my credit card charged when I placed my order, but my order still has not been shipped ?
12. Do you price match?
13. I submitted my payment by ACH and the money was taken from my account. Why hasn’t my order shipped?
14. Do you accept PayPal?
15. Why are the firearms shipped “within 3 to 7 business days” of completing my order ?
16. I’m a Team Buds member, why didn’t my order ship the next day?
17. Do you guys accept gun trades and/or will you buy my used gun?
18. How do I review my purchases?
19. I just received my new gun. It looks used, as if it’s been fired, what’s up ?
20. How can I view and edit my “Wish List” items?
21. My Password is not Working. How Do I Reset It?
22. How do I set the password to one I can remember?
23. I Completed the Password Reset Form and I am not Getting an Email. What Should I Do?
24. How do I change the email address for my account?
25. Do you offer discounts to Military and Law Enforcement Officers?
26. Can I purchase Bud’s Supplemental Limited Lifetime Warranty for new and used guns?
27. There is a problem with one of my items, what is your return policy ?
28. What is the Buds Community?
29. I’m interested in working at Buds. How do I apply?